Events at Maritime Allotments CPH

Maritime Allotments (in Danish, Maritime Nyttehaver) is working to promote and make possible the practise of urban, community based aquaculture. We work from a base in the inner harbour of Copenhagen where we have a small blue farm and experiment with production of oysters, mussels and seaweed. We aim to strenghten the link between production and consumption, land and sea, nature and city by using the clean water of former industrial harbours to produce sustainable, local seafood.

We offer a range of edutaining and always tasty events at the harbourside for groups up to 25 persons. Events take place under open sky at our Wave Farm (Bølgemarken), where we pull up mussels, seaweed and the occasional oyster and explain how we work, why we do it and how it all began. We also have a couple of containers by the farm dressed up as kitchen, event space and stockhouse, where the story continues with seafood and bubbles.

These are our event packages:

1. Storytelling and tour

You receive hands on experience with urban aquaculture at the Wave Farm. We show you the gear we use, explain about the local ecosystems and guide through the basics of life as a sea farmer. And definitely a tad hungry and thirsty – see solutions below.

Duration: About an hour.
Price: 1.500 DKK (ex VAT, 25 %).

2. Storytelling and warm mussels

Extend the storytelling with a nice warm mussel dish prepared by one of our skilled chefs, and a glass of natural wine to go with it.

Duration: About an hour and a half.
Price: 1.500 DKK + 180 DKK per person (ex VAT, 25 %).

3. Storytelling and oyster bar

Go all in with gastronomic pleasure and order the oyster bar plugin with very, very dry bubbles.

Duration: About an hour and a half.
Price: 1.500 DKK + 220 DKK per person (ex VAT, 25 %).

Other stuff

Sailing trip around the harbour in electric motor boats?

A full harbour side dinner experience at a hidden location?

Event planning and production around the harbour?

Contact Bodil Sofie Espersen ( or +45 2859 0965) for more information and reservation.

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